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The Curriculum in Racing Car Design (RCD) is part of the Master’s Degree Course in Advanced Automotive Engineering (AAE) and it provides a high level of training on the dynamics of the vehicle and on the most innovative materials related to the design of racing cars.

This Course lasts two academic years and covers the main aspects of vehicle frame system and racing vehicle architecture, with particular attention to the use of special materials and solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on the strong experimental nature of development activities and aerodynamic performance aspects.

The first semester of the first academic year is common with the other 4 curricula of the AAE Master’s Degree (Advanced Powertrain, High Performance Car Design, Advanced Motorcycle Engineering, Advanced Sportscar Manufacturing).

The number of places is limited to a maximum of 20 students. Admissions are based on merit and interviews evaluating motivations and skills. All teachings are delivered entirely in the English language.

The international teaching staff of Muner includes highly experienced lecturers and professionals. The contents of the Courses have been defined together with the contribution of the partner companies so as to ensure that training is in line with current requirements of the labour market. The aim is providing knowledge and skills related to the design of motorvehicles that are high-performance and suitable for competitions. From hybrid and electric motor propellers to production systems with typical features of the new manufacturing 4.0 environment.

The Program requires student participation in numerous laboratory activities either on campus or on the premises of industrial partners, in line with a “learning by doing” approach. It also includes mandatory internships in private companies and lab-based thesis preparation activities carried out following a “project work”approach.

Teaching Program

The first academic year in Racing Car Design is held in Modena Campus. Starting from second academic year all courses location will be Dallara’s Headquarters in Varano de’ Melegari (PR).

Internship and Career Perspectives

The educational path has been designed in strong cooperation with Companies operating in the automotive sector to allow a seamless insertion of the graduated in high profile roles in the research, development and manufacturing environments focused on vehicles and their technologies.

Since companies are requiring engineers who are highly qualified and possess specialized skills, due to complete the Master’s Degree Program, students have to attend mandatory internships in private companies, as well as, lab-based thesis preparation activities carried out following a “project work” approach. Moreover, students also attend seminars with industrial and international speakers, factory visits, alumni talks throughout the year.

The Racing Car Design engineer will be able to set up all the “cold” groups and sub-groups of racing vehicles. In particular, s/he will be specialized in aerodynamic aspects, employment of light materials (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Materials), and the design and conduction of experimental tests.

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