Summer Schools

International Summer School in Industrial Engineering for Advanced Automotive

The MUNER Summer School in Industrial Engineering for Advanced Automotive aims to improve the training of future engineers, mainly coming from all the curricula activated in the Master’s Degree in Advanced Automotive Engineering, Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering and Electric Vehicle Engineering…FIND MORE

Italian Motor Valley Experience

The High School Summer Program – ITALIAN MOTOR VALLEY EXPERIENCE offers a 10-days college experience, exploring worldwide leaders in the automotive industry. During this summer program, targeted to high schools… FIND MORE

Women in Transport

The Winter/Summer School – WOMEN IN TRASPORT offers a full immersion experience in the automotive world with the aim to increase awareness of young women and bring them closer to the transport sector, overcoming gender stereotypes. The initiative also offers… FIND MORE

Future of Automotive for Intelligent Mobility

The school on “Future of automotive for intelligent mobility” is a MUNER-sponsored, intense education opportunity that aims at exposing young professionals to some of the cutting-edge trends in the automotive sector.
It is a further step of the MUNER educational eco-system…FIND MORE